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Topic: Anyone Using Sonivox Vocalizer

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    Anyone Using Sonivox Vocalizer

    I am toying with the idea buying Sonivox Vocalizer in lieu of a chorus or vocal virtual instrument (such as the long awaited, but who knows when it will ever be released Garritan Choirs).

    My idea is to record myself speaking the lyrics, in time to the music, on an audio track and then feed Vocalizer a midi track of me playing the vocal lines at pitch. My voice would, theoretically, become all the vocal parts in my score (from bass to soprano) but able to reach notes that are out of my range.

    Has anybody tried this with Vocalizer? If so, how does it sound? (Posting samples would help a lot, if anyone is willing to do so.) It looks like this application is little more than a souped up vocoder. All their examples sound very electronic, distorted

    I listened to all the audio and video demos on the Sonivox web site. To be honest, they all sound very electronic and synthesized. I am wondering if it is possible to just get a clean recording of my voice, but with the midi track providing the pitch, through Vocalizer.


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    Re: Anyone Using Sonivox Vocalizer

    I wrote a review about it for a german music mag and it is just a vocoder.
    Its kinda fun to toy around with and for mixing up drumloops and chords but there is no way you could make it sound like a real voice or choir.

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    Re: Anyone Using Sonivox Vocalizer


    Someone remarked on another web site that, although the Sonivox videos and demos keep saying that this isn't just a vocoder, all their examples seem to indicate otherwise. I was hoping there was more to it than that.

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    Re: Anyone Using Sonivox Vocalizer

    Yeah- i noticed that too. But no matter how often they repeat that it isnt one i never managed to get anything out of it other than typical vocoder sounds.

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