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Topic: Introducing: Sampleism

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    Introducing: Sampleism


    I wanted give everybody here a heads-up about a brand-new service for Sound Designers, Engineers and Producers.


    Sampleism is a community driven sample library outlet where anybody can create an account, upload and sell their own unique custom libraries, patches, loops etc etc.

    Sampleism has only just launched but over time will become a central resource for finding independant sample libraries.

    There are a whole host of great features on the site to encourage ease-of-use, community and networking and many more are in development. We are an official Soundcloud app, so we use Soundcloud technology to host demo players and you can link your Sampleism account with Soundcloud

    If you are a developer and want an easy-to-use outlet for your creativity then check us out. We don't require contracts, we don't ask for exclusivity and we give you absolute control and freedom over your own portfolio.

    For a limited time, while we are in Beta, there are a number of early-bird incentives for people who sign up. Contact us for more information.
    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Introducing: Sampleism

    Good luck with the venture

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    Re: Introducing: Sampleism

    Quote Originally Posted by NewAger View Post
    Good luck with the venture
    Thank you ! We are hoping that giving sample developers access to a wealth of community driven features will help them to reach a bigger audience and maybe bring some talented designers out of the woodwork who don't usually have a chance to showcase what they can do.

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    Re: Introducing: Sampleism

    Quote Originally Posted by FlipFlopper View Post
    Did you used to run a site under a different name, Prosounds or Prosamples or something like that? Just wondering, the idea and the site reminded me of a site I bought some samples from a few years ago. In any case, good luck!
    Yes - Sampleism is the natural evolution of our old site. We have bought everything up-to-date using the best facilities the web has to offer. I hope you like it.


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    Sequential Pro 1 Bass for Kontakt - by System Effect

    System Effect has released this massive Kontakt instrument.

    2,870 individual 24bit samples of the legendary Pro 1 Analog Synthesizer.

    Nearly all presets have 4 x round Robins on every note for complete authenticity with every key sampled for a huge sonic range of 7 octaves! On average 340 samples per preset.

    24bit samples recorded through a Neve '73 pre-amp going into a UBK Fatso analog compressor (lightly touched) with subtle UBK Fatso tape saturation. No plugins or anything digital touched these recordings!

    All recorded to Lynx Aurora convertors this library of the fearsome Sequential Pro 1 synth is perfect for any genre that is fed up of weedy virtual synths and thin digital sounds....make some room in your mix (you'll need it) for the Pro1.
    Round Robins are essential on analog synth libraries as it never sounds the same twice when hitting the same key, without round robins it just sounds like another sample.

    System Effect Ltd have tediously sampled a huge library for the Pro 1 and bring you 9 preset starting points of this library for Kontakt 5.

    Available right now at Sampleism for £5.99


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    Harmonic Wineglass Kontakt Instrument by MA Simon

    MA Simon has released an incredible Glass Harmonica instrument.

    Here's a patchlist:

    -> Patch 01-02 - Sustained Wineglass (Glassharmonica):
    I sampled every halfstep from f2 - b4. But I then further extended the instrument from c2 up to e5 for better playability. 1 velocity layer, but you can control the volume either by velocity or modwheel. Each sample is about 25 seconds long (!) and looped.

    -> Patch 03-04 - Wineglass hit with an iron fork:
    I sampled 16 velocity layers and pitched them accros the whole playing range. There are 2 different patches.

    -> Patch 05 Glass Piano V1:
    I created this patch by editing the start and attack parameters of each sample in Kontakt using the sustained samples. 1 velocity layer.

    -> Patch 06-07 Glass Piano V2:
    A very aery almost synth like piano sound. I included 2 versions, one with 5 round robin samples and another one with no round robins. (so it sounds more "fixed")

    -> Patch 08 Warm Glass Pad:
    A bonus patch! It is a nice warm glass like pad-sound consisting of 3 velocity layers with 2rr each.

    -> You can control the attack and release settings of each patch directly via the kontakt interface.
    -> Velocity controlled patches use the modwheel for a vibrato effect.
    -> This is a Kontakt 4 library so you will need the full version of Kontakt 4 or 5! All samples are compressed in Kontakts ncw format.

    This really is a magical instrument - listen to the demo on the product page to fully appreciate what is possible:

    Available at Sampleism for £4.99


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    Resonator - Unique Theremin Emulation for Kontakt by Michael Bietenholz

    The Resonator is a unique sound, reminiscent of pioneering, pre-1950, electronic instruments like the Ondioline and the Theremin.

    Unlike those strictly monophonic instruments, this Kontakt Kit has, in addition to the melody oscillator, a set of "resonators", which produce an ever-shifting set of drone voices, sort of like the oscillator version of sympathetic resonator strings on a sitar or a viola d'amore.

    It works like this: You play a melody with the right hand, and hold down a chord with the left. As you are playing the melody, different notes of the chord will be brought out as they resonate with whatever melody notes you are holding in the left hand.

    All this is accomplished with a custom script for Kontakt, not available anywhere else - its like a dedicated VST instrument. The result is a rich texture that constantly shifts with different notes coming to the fore, all in a gorgeous space provided by the Kontakt convolution reverb.

    There are extensive real-time controls: The control panel allows you to tailor the sound to taste, with controls for the vibrato, resonator volume, the glide-time, the keyboard split and more (see screenshot). The mod wheel fades between two classic waveforms (pulse and sine). Portamento (glide) is provided with variable glide time and a full-time or a legato-only mode.

    (Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher)

    Available at Sampleism for £4.00 - Here : http://www.sampleism.com/noisymichael/resonator

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    Enigmatic Phrases - Sensual Female Speech by TD Samples

    A unique collection of over 340 WAV files featuring enigmatic phrases spoken in a sultry female voice with an exotic accent.

    An essential addition to the sample library of any producer of sensual electronica, this sound kit is comprised of these five sections:

    Inc. I think, therefore I am / In the name of the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit / Faith is to believe what you do not see / The King is dead / Long live the King etc..

    Inc. From the cross comes salvation / The pen is mightier than the sword / Rome was not built in a day / See no evil / Hear no evil / Speak no evil / In the year of the Lord etc..

    50 LATIN PHRASES (Half-whispered)
    Inc. Mea maxima culpa / Carpe dium / Sanctum sanctorum / Veni vidi vici / Verbatim et litteratim / Gloria vertutis umbra / Habetis bona dium etc..

    Inc. Fill your mind with compassion / Peace comes from within, do not seek it without / We are what we think / words have the power to both destroy and heal etc..

    Inc. Welcome / You are about to be taken on a journey / Your journey begins / The journey is over / Tranquility / Love / Devotion / Bible intro (In the beginning..) / The 10 Commandments / Breaths and gasps / The Lord's Prayer (Our Father who art in Heaven..) / 1 to 10 in French etc..

    All samples have been recorded dry without effects for maximum flexibility in your productions.

    Available at Sampleism for £6.99


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    Sunrise-Tech - Lush, Melodic, Tech-House Construction Kits by Dual Shaman

    Sunrise-Tech is a collection of 10 lush, melodic Tech-House and Deep-Tech construction kits perfect for the sun-soaked afterhours.

    Using various classic sound modules, analog synthesizers, vintage keys, live percussion and oldschool drum-machines.

    Each sound has been expertly passed through all-analogue circuitry for additional warmth.

    Sunrise-Tech is guaranteed to be the next gem in your sample-vault, at a bargain price.

    Available at Sampleism for £9.95

    231.0 MB, 87 Files

    Sunrise-Tech - Sampleism: snacks for your samplers

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    DirtySync - Digitally distorted oscillator-sync for Kontakt

    DirtySync is an "Oscillator sync" sound, implemented using Kontakt programming and scripting.

    Since sampling technology is not well suited to oscillator-sync, brutally forcing Kontakt to do it results in a rich, gritty sound.

    If you want the digitally distressed version of Van Halens' of "Why Can't This Be Love you've come to the right place! There is loads of control.

    The custom-scripted interface allows you to select the mod source to be either the Mod wheel, a built-in envelope with or without velocity sensitivity, with controllable decay rate. It also provides front-panel controls for the filter.

    Finally, the effects section includes switchable chorus, delay and bit-crushing effects. (compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher)


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