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Topic: GPO replacing GM synth in Finale

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    GPO replacing GM synth in Finale

    I have Finale 2006 w/ GPO "lite" which uses Kontakt 2 player. I load a score that has GM sounds previously assigned to each channel. I now want to replace them with the GPO sounds. The Finale manual says you can do this in the Instrument List. I go in there and the Kontakt 2 Player comes up and I assign the sounds to the various channels. But when I go out to the score the same old GM sounds remain associated with each staff. The manual says something cryptic about how after loading each sound in Kontakt 2 Player you have to click on the mod wheel on the piano and drag it somewhere to make sure each sound you just loaded sticks. But for the life of me I click on the mod wheel and it doesn't do anything (although I can make it rotate verticallyn). Bottom line is: any help on getting rid of previous GM sounds associated with a score in Finale and replacing it with the GPO sounds ? (BTW if I load a new empty score and put in some notes I can associate GPO with the staves with no problem, so I know that's working. ) Thanks for any insight...

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    Re: GPO replacing GM synth in Finale

    Solved my own problem. After loading up Kontakt Player I was forgetting to then select the loaded instruments from the Instruments window in the Windows pull down of Finale. Not intuitive since the instruments listed are the standard GM instruments but in title only- they actually play as GPO samples and actually appear in the Kontakt players now. BTW never could find a Kontakt Player manual and STILL don't know what they were talking about in using the Mod wheel to make sure the loaded sounds stick...

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