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Topic: Smart Violins: experiences???

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    Smart Violins: experiences???

    Hi all!

    Is this \"library\" worth the price. Does it contain material one can\'t recreate with a library like Dan Dean\'s strings or the new Xsample strings??? Any experiences???

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Smart Violins: experiences???

    I bought this collection. I can only get certain sounds to work with my sequencer, these are the sampled notes. The other stuff does not work, it did not play. I use Finale for all my sequencing. I have gigastudio and have not been able to use all 32 channels. Finale needs the channels to be sequential. Not 16+16. I saw a picture of Hans Zimmer and he had a monitor with way more then 16 channels set up. How do I do this?

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    Re: Smart Violins: experiences???

    > Finale needs the channels to be sequential. Not 16+16.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean… Finale supports up to 4 MIDI Ports; each port has 16 channels. In Finale, Port 2 channel 1 is called channel 17, but to the device receiving the MIDI data (i.e. GigaStudio) it will be Port 2 channel 1, etc.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: Smart Violins: experiences???

    Wow, I can\'t imagine using Finale for sequencing. Finale is great for music layout, but I have never had any luck using it for playback purposes. But I really haven\'t used the latest version for anything other than music layout.

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    Re: Smart Violins: experiences???

    Thanks for help....it worked! I\'ve used Finale for years as a sequencer. I admit, Coda needs to improve the playback features, but I like to notate my music and then have something play back what is written. As for the smart violins, I don\'t pre-recording lines is the answer. If I use them, I\'ll have use a mulit-track recorder. Al least the sampled individual notes are useful.

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