Im trying to emulate the sound of glisses as used in Contemporary Classical String Quartet writing.

I found the following site which seemed to do this pretty well, using scripts written and tested in Kontakt 3.
(I have Kontakt 2)


(There are also small videos there, but I have a very hard time scrolling the page--this link below has the four videos


I downloaded the scripts, and am trying to use them within Sibelius 6--I can get some results, but in all honesty I cant see how to really use them, esp the Multiple Glissando and Glissando/Portamento scripts, in spite of the movies and more instructions on the script itself..
I emailed the author, but as of yet havent heard back from him.

Can anyone please tell me how to use these scripts-especially in Sibleius 6 where I can specify CC#'s and values?

For example is there a way to gliss the interval of lets say a minor 6th up a perfect fourth, evenly over the length of a half note?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have.