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Topic: Joshua Swerling - Piano Concerto mvt 1.

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    Re: Joshua Swerling - Piano Concerto mvt 1.

    Enjoyed this Joshua - with all the chaotic and twisting turns that this takes. But for a work of this intensity, this should be just the introduction as the 3+ minutes just flew by! Maybe you're planning lots of short movements but if not, I'd double this first movement in length as there is scope for lots of development here.

    The horns were nicely restrained at first which worked well.

    Not sure YouTube is showing off your work to best effect as the sonic quality isn't good to my ears. Piano sounds great though. Are you able to tell us which one this is?

    Looking forward to the other movements.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Joshua Swerling - Piano Concerto mvt 1.

    Thank you for listening. Yes, I do want several more movements and I mean to exploit the already displayed material further, in different characters if possible. As far as mixing and sound quality and things go, I suspect the main problem is the piano's pianissimo comes out as too quiet. I can't really change this. Also, the wonderful piano is the Galaxy 5.1 surround Steinway. I highly recommend it.


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    Joshua Swerling - Piano Concerto mvt 2.

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    Re: Joshua Swerling - Piano Concerto mvt 1.

    I registered for this forum just to say that I really liked both your movements. They both work well together and I look forward to hearing more work from you.

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    Re: Joshua Swerling - Piano Concerto mvt 1.

    I liked the beginning of the first movement, so a good start. The ambience and harmonic material put me in mind of the latter two Bartˇk piano concerti. A good thumping start to the second movement and I enjoyed the piano against the heavy brass. First-rate production too. I was pleased to hear the flute around 03:30 and it gives a nice ending.

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