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Topic: Ocean/Underwater music?

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    Ocean/Underwater music?

    You know the typical underwater "magic" music from hundreds of documentarys etc?

    What smat tips can you give me to recreate this kind of music? What scale? what progression technique, what instrumentation?

    Give me all the cliches you know, and what else comes to your mind, lets create us some Ocean music!

    A first contribution by myself:
    Harp glissando in upward direction, lots of them.
    -Clarinet, because it has an "open sound", long sustaining notes, probably chords

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    Re: Ocean/Underwater music?

    Waterphone (used in "Day of the Dolphin" by Georges Delerue and in "Jaws" by John Williams) get it with Virtual Drumline.

    Vibraphone is good. With motor on.

    Listen to "Creature from the Black Lagoon" by Henry Mancini / Salter and Stein - all uncredited BTW

    Old Sea Hunt episodes (Netflix maybe?), also "Flipper" and "The Poseidon Adventure"

    However, scoring to the unseen qualities of your segment (love, hate, jealousy, wonder, awe, etc.) should (almost always) lead the way.

    Let us know what you come up with!

    EDIT: The music by John Williams in the Gungan City scenes of "Star Wars" is another example. Also underwater scenes in "Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire" or when Frodo falls in the marsh in "Lord of the Rings".
    Alan Hovhaness - "And God Created Great Whales" - there are a million of 'em.

    EDIT EDIT: As far as scales go it will depend on what you are trying to convey. Whole tone scale might be a possibility. A good scale resource is Persichetti's "Twentieth Century Harmony".
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: Ocean/Underwater music?

    Quote Originally Posted by reberclark View Post
    Waterphone (used in "Day of the Dolphin" by Georges Delerue and in "Jaws" by John Williams) get it with Virtual Drumline.

    I'm actually quiet a bit into Jaws (1975) film music,
    It's one of John Williams first widely regarded success.
    The soundtrack is an awesome piece and actually what inspired me in the first place!

    Especially that short "theme" when the shark finally sinks down the water, defeated.
    It's a very magical musical piece, I call it "sinking". As simple as an piano downward glissando, covered with something else, maybe xylophone. In the background is something like soft horns playing chords? and strings playing a single sustaining note (which note?)- At least there is more to it than just a simple glissando-
    But not entirely sure about the background elements!

    Hear that bit here: (2:35)
    Jaws Soundtrack-19 Blown to Bits:

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