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Topic: Superball on Tam-Tam

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    Superball on Tam-Tam

    Anybody know where I can find this wonderfully creepy sound?

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    Re: Superball on Tam-Tam

    Not sure . The most extensive tam-tam sampling I know of is the Vienna stuff (ordinary tam-tam in the Percussion library, and XXL tam-tam in 'Elements') but that's kind of expensive for one sound. And I'm not sure whether they have what you want anyway - the articulation list does say 'rubs' but doesn't say what was used.


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    Re: Superball on Tam-Tam

    Thanks for the link Pingu. But I ended up just using editing some recordings off of Youtube.

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    Re: Superball on Tam-Tam

    Thank you, this is good news for other visitors

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