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Topic: Why can't I control MIDI with Omnisphere via Cubase?

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    Why can't I control MIDI with Omnisphere via Cubase?

    Is there something I forgot about that needs to be turned on? Doh!

    I'm just trying to automate volume and pan, btw. All my other plugins work with automation.
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    Re: Why can't I control MIDI with Omnisphere via Cubase?

    you need to right click the parameter you wish to automate and choose
    "MIDI learn" and also choose "Host Enable" (if I remember the name correctly) by right clicking that parameter again.
    Now comes a tricky part. Enable automation write "W" in Cubase and press record while changing the parameter in Omnisphere. This will write the automation in Cubase but it will not be visible at first since the automated parameter might have a different name than you may expect in Cubase. Now right click the Cubase track which has Omnisphere (the same that you set "W" for writing automation) and choose the option which lets you see all the automated parameters for that selected track (can't remember the exact wording of that option in Cubase). The automation will now appear.

    That's how I do it. Maybe there's a better way??
    If so I'd love to hear from other users.
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