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Topic: Digital Mastering

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    Question Digital Mastering

    Hi All. I am new at this, so please forgive my ignorance and inexperience.

    Here is my question:
    I have composed several piano pieces (classical genre) and recorded them using the Steinway Piano provided by GPO. Would I need to Digitally Master the pieces if I wanted to release them, and what would that entail?? How do I get the pieces to sound professionally produced?

    I have a very limited setup (Keyboard & mac), and would appreciate if you could advise and recommend any contacts that may help.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Digital Mastering

    For mastering I use Sony's Sound Forge which was recommended to me by several members on this board. I am a musician, not a techie (except in self defense!), and I still have alot to learn, but this board is full of great advice and help.

    My recorded stuff has benefited greatly from the advice of rbowser and DPDAN on this board. Seek out their posts on the subject (as well as contact them directly) and the rewards will be great.

    EDIT: Don't know if Sound Forge is available for Mac, I think DPDAN uses Digital Performer (hence the "DP") and is a Mac guy. I don't know if he uses it for mastering or not.
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    Re: Digital Mastering

    Thanks for the info reberclark.

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    Re: Digital Mastering

    Thanks for the props reberclark!

    Hi petpoot!

    May I highly suggest that you allow someone to render your pieces with the Garritan Steinway, not the one that is included with GPO.

    It is an awesome sounding instrument especially for the classical genre.

    If you would like, I would be happy to generate a wav file recording, mastered and ready to go onto a CD... for free!

    If you like what you hear, my mixing and mastering fees are ridiculously affordable.

    You can send me the midi file of one of the pieces. Send me a PM and I will send the email address.

    And if you choose to go a different route that's OK too

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    Re: Digital Mastering

    Petpoot--take Dan up on that. The results will be great. You want to learn also, but from your post, you're just starting out - so get a leg up by having your pieces available in good recordings, compliments of Dan, then keep on that learning curve so eventually you'll be able to do more advanced technical work also.


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    Re: Digital Mastering

    I have been listening to and studying DPDAN's mockups for a while now, and I can say I have yet to find anyone who does it better. Take advantage of this great opportunity because it doesn't get much better than this.

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    Re: Digital Mastering

    Hey Dan

    Thank you for the offer. I have sent you a message on your website with my email address.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Digital Mastering

    thank you Randy and jdsnyderii, now I'm blushing

    Hi Peter,
    got it!

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