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Topic: OT: Dumbest Question Ever

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    OT: Dumbest Question Ever

    I have to ask a dumb question ... but only because I feel that not asking it is even dumber.

    I recently moved. Setting up my computers (DAW & video editing + development and consulting machines + wireless LAN, etc.) all proved to be fairly painless. I do this kind of thing all the time.

    Setting up my home audio & video equipment was another story. I've added a lot of components over the years and getting it all to work together was a bit of a challenge. I'm wondering how much of this stuff I really need any more and if I should replace it with something newer and cheaper which sounds a hell of a lot better. Setting aside the video for a moment (because I am slowly but surely transitioning to streaming services), I was wondering what everybody is doing for home audio?

    I still have a turntable for my old LPs, a cassette deck, a CD-player, an equalizer, etc. Are we replacing everything with iPods now? I found a great pair of speakers with buit-in amps. I am using them on my video setup in the bedroom, but the manufacturer (Genelec) says they sell a lot of them for computers or just to connect to an iPod? Are people ripping all their CDs, tapes and LPS to their mp3 players these days? (Sounds like a lot of work.) Or are they buying those USB turntables and cassette players and playing older media through an iPod. (Sounds a bit cumbersome). I guess I have been out of touch with home entertainment technology because so much of my time is spent on computers, I usually play back whatever media I have through them -- and I hardly even get discs any more.

    So, at the risk of making myself feel even more out-of-touch than I do all ready, I am wondering how others dealt with this situation and why they chose what they did.


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    Re: OT: Dumbest Question Ever

    Well, for home audio and video entertainment I personally use a good high end receiver (7.1) with passive speakers and an active sub for amplification, all modern media is processed through a philips streamium client with an NAS media server, so you have mp3, internet-radio and online services. Also videos and pics are on the NAS, so defenitly no ipod is used. A high end dvd-sacd player for "hardware" mediums and that's it. If you use lps a turntable and a good preamp is also needed. For quality reasons stay with your equipment, all converted on ipod is not so good for many reasons, to enjoy hifi the "old" methods are the best .

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    Re: OT: Dumbest Question Ever

    Thanks for your feedback. I have a Mac mini that I used to test applications for my clients who use Macs. I was thinking that, when I replace it, I could use the old machine to run my sound system. I prefer to use the Genelec active speakers (with the matched pre-amp/amp built into each). I have had good luck with them on my video system and I like not needing a separate amp + preamp + all the additional wiring.

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