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Topic: Extended Classical Choir???

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    Extended Classical Choir???

    Does anyone have tried the \"Extended Classical Choir\" library? Is there some alternative choices? I\'ll appreciate some comments. Thanks!

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    Re: Extended Classical Choir???


    I have ECC and I love it. In addition to the usual complement of open vowel sounds, it includes some consonant sounds, like ZZZ, VVV, RRR, MMM, NNN, I think there\'s a \"puh\" and \"hah\" thrown in there too. With some time and effort, you can chain a bunch of those sounds together and somewhat simulate lyrical singing. It doesn\'t sound perfect of course, but for those of us without a real choir to record, it\'s not bad. There\'s an old thread about this on the board somewhere. Anyway, feel free to email me privately and I\'ll send you a link to a short example.



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    Re: Extended Classical Choir???

    Thanks a lot! I don\'t have your email address, so you can send me your link at \"jezchild@hotmail.com\".

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    Re: Extended Classical Choir???

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by intrepid:
    Does anyone have tried the \"Extended Classical Choir\" library? Is there some alternative choices? I\'ll appreciate some comments. Thanks!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I have the EEC and have to say for the price is was pretty good. However it doesn\'t come close to Symphony of Voices from Spectrasonics. This is a 5 disc library with the following:

    1) London Chorale - massive 80 voice chour with extensive multisamples, fx, and phrases
    2) Classical Soloists - tenor and saprano multisamples and phrases
    3) Gregorian Choir - multisamples and phrases (think Enigma)
    Boys Choir - solo and ensemble multisamples and phrases (I don\'t think there is another samples set with boys choir)
    4) Lush Multitracked Pop Stacks - pads created from over 10000 male and female performances.
    5) Misc disc with great \'theme\' lines: lament, serene, operatic

    Goto www.ilio.com and request a demo of their products and listen to the demo of this set.

    Here is the catcher. I had to order it for my E-mu sampler in Akai format because they don\'t make a Giga version. I used Chicken Systems Translater (~$100.00) to convert it to the Giga. It is also quite expensive at $499.00 but there is none better. This is used in film scores all the time.

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    Re: Extended Classical Choir???

    Thanks a lot for the informations!

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    Re: Extended Classical Choir???

    SOV has been featured in quite a few movies. Recently \"The Contender\" featured the sopranos \'lamenting\' phrases and Zimmer used the boys choir Agnus Dei\'s in \"Hannibal\".

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