hi Northernsound people,
i've a technical question:

i'm trying to add some new sample libraries to my template in Logic 8. (i did'n upgrade to 9 because i think that for midi composers there aren't new interesting things... but maybe i'm wrong)

Since now i have all my Kontakt libraries loaded up as multi timbral instruments groups, and i use the Kontakt 4 memory server.
Now that i'm trying to add the new instruments (Albion, Cinebrass, LASS lite) i see that when i reach 3.85 GB i can't add nothing, because a message appears and tells me that i d'nt have enough memory.
I have a mac pro 2X 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 12 GB of RAM, so i was surprised of this.

The problem is Logic 8???

I found that if i load the new instruments inside Vienna Ensemble Pro 64bit, the Kontakt memory server loads up samples untill 3.90 G, and then i can add more samples and everything semms ok.

I was just wondering wich is the best way to set up my template. Should i have to load ALL the kontakt libraries into Vienna ensamble?? Or can i kepp using this strange method? (some libraries into kontakt memort server and others into Vienna??)

To put it in a simple way: in Logic 8 wich is the best way to setup a orchestral template using a lot of kontak instruments?

Thank you and excuse me, my post is very long!