Hi all.
Haven\'t been by in a while as my internet is turned off by day and have no time to stop in at night. I do miss the lively conversations. Which brings me to my topic...

(I hope I\'m not stepping on any toes here). I\'m an active member of the Nemesys email list which I find a very useful and insightful group of people, much like those of you who visit this forum regularly. It would be great if you would join up on that mailing list so that we could have a centralized forum for conversation. Nemesys themselves are actively involved on that list and it\'s a great resource to get answers right from the source. So, if you\'re interested in making the migration and joining the other 400 users and library developers on the list, just go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NemesysMusic and join up!
Thanks for reading,
-IOComposer (Jamey Scott )