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Topic: Effects routing

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    Re: Effects routing

    I\'m too confused about this one. In the manual, there should be 16 stereo mixer inputs available that you can assign channels to. But I only see 1 stereo input. I can\'t find how to add inputs anywhere in the manual.

    Also, the aux busses should be 8 stereo.. but once in a while it becomes 2 stereo bus... Am I missing something?

    -- Abi

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    Re: Effects routing

    GSIF compatible cards have full mixing capabilities - 32 inputs channels, 8 stereo aux busses. (check our web site for a list of GSIF cards)

    non-GSIF compatible cards ( ie DirectSound cards) have limited mixing capabilities -
    2 input channels, 2 aux busses.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Effects routing

    This can be confusing but once you know how it works, it is real cool.
    1. First of all you can enable as many hardware outputs as you want to use in the hardware settings. You may only need a couple or all of them. You can get full mixing inside the GigaStudio with any number of outputs enabled.
    2. On the MIDI ports mixer, you can assign a MIDI channel to any pair of the 32 GigaStudio DSP mixer outputs. That is the first step.
    3. At the DSP Station Mixer, you can assign the physical outputs there. You can assign aux busses to any pair of outputs also. Any outputs that are enabled will show up in the list when you try to assign the outputs.

    Hope this helps a little. Be sure and use the context help (question mark\\arrow button) to help learn the system. As soon as possible, I will put together a very detailed training video. That will also help.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Effects routing

    I ran into a problem similar to what the original posters are talking about. I\'m using a Darla24. When I start GS, only one set of mix inputs is available. If I go into hardware configuration and select additional outputs (3/4, 5/6) and apply, then all mixer inputs come available. This happened to me the first few times. Lately it hasn\'t been happening, all 16 stereo channels are available.

    Also, is there a way to get 96KHz support using the Darla24?

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    Re: Effects routing

    Okay, I don\'t think I\'m imagining things... but my soundcard is not GSIF compatible (it\'s a soundblaster live) but my aux busses sometimes have 8 stereo (16 busses), but sometimes it has 2 stereo (4 busses). This shouldn\'t happen right?

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    Effects routing

    I have played with Gigastudio96 for 1 hour, but I could not find out how this effects are routed. Can I assign each program a separat effect (like akai samplers) or only to each physikal output (more like emu samplers) ?? The gigasampler I tested runs on a sblive with only 1 stereo output (on the input page was only one stereo channel )

    Perhaps somebody can enlighten me ?

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