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Topic: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

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    New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

    VIDEO - New "Dubstep Bass' Omnisphere video tutorial and killer live performance with Omni TR by Mike Babbitt posted: http://bit.ly/nc2fmK

    Enjoy! :-)

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    Re: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"


    Nice very nice

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    Re: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

    Oh man, I love the sounds and the performance, but I wish you could see what he is doing. I know it is good for sales to have a funky video cut, but it is really frustrating not being being able to track his moves and interaction with the technology! Just as you glimpse something it cuts away in pop video style.

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    Re: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

    Not my "cup of tea", but I expect many users will find the video of interest. I don't mean that in a negative way either...it's just a matter of "different strokes for different folks".
    Cubase 7.0.3, Wavelab 7.1, Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Symphobia 1 & 2 , all Spitfire libraries, LASS 2, Requiem Pro, Voxos, Superior Drummer 2, Komplete 8, Cinematic Guitars, most EW libraries, Chris Hein Horns, Guitar & Bass, 2.8 GHz Mac Pro, 18 GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, RME Multiface II + HDSP PCIe

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    Re: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

    It's not my style of music either regarding what I write and play but
    I can definately appreciate the skill of the person in the video and also
    appreciate the power of Omnisphere as a synth as illustrated in the video.
    Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, E-MU 1616m audio interface, Cubase Studio 4.1.2, Windows XP Pro sp.3, Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Addictive Drums, Amplitube 2 + Jimi Hendrix, Monstrous

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    Re: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

    Thank God music is an eternal learning curb and im also thankful that the many types of music in this world and maybe other worlds is countless, we will never explore the many different types of music as long as we live.

    staying in our comfort zone of what we want to here puts a cap on our ability of what we can play or perform, and can even make our own music boring

    even if we are to excel in one type of music it would mean that we need to brake away from the norm and start listining to music that we are not used to and learning how others do there stuff can bring or inhance our own productions.

    some times as musicains the greatest learning curb is not the skill of playing or performing but the appreciation of other types of music.


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    Re: New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"

    What a great tutorial. I mainly produce trance music so I can relate to the engineering of that sound. I'd like to see a tutorial on creating traditional trance sounds such as some plucky, gated leads, basses, etc. Spectrasonics also needs its own members forum.

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