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Topic: Christmas Chimes for 2 pianos with video and score

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    NEW Christmas music arrangements for 2 pianos, video/score

    I finally got around getting done the printing of Christmas Chimes, a potpourri of traditional Christmas songs I arranged for 2 pianos last year, with a bit of my own touch... I'm happy to say that a concert pianist team http://www.duovivo.com/ will be premiering this work later this year. This version is played with sampled pianos by yours truly, but I'm looking forward to hearing it with live pianos in concert. In this video you can follow the score, however, if you want to do that, use full screen in HD. I Hope you will enjoy it!

    Christmas Chimes with video and score

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    Re: Christmas Chimes for 2 pianos with video and score

    That is great guyb. All the links given by you are awesome.

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