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Topic: Why only one Solo Viola?

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    Why only one Solo Viola?

    I have recently acquired GPO4 as a gift, and am working on string music. One question (and major shortcoming) hit me immediately: Why is there only one solo KS viola and one solo KS bass? The solo viola is the big issue to me because in string quintets, there can often be a second viola, as well as in other chamber music. I had intended to re-work one of my old pieces that used three violins and one viola into one that had two violins and two violas, but with no second viola patch, it stayed as three violins/one viola.

    Hopefully a future version of GPO will include a second KS solo viola and a second KS solo bass.


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    Re: Why only one Solo Viola?

    Not just an additional solo viola. One could almost imagine a need for a more extensive set of strings than now exists in GPO. Maybe something beyond what's likely to be put in GPO. A comprehensive new product dedicated to strings, perhaps. There might be a market for such a product, I suspect.

    Ok, so there are probably some technical problems delaying release. We wait. And wait.

    But just think what a boost to the economy the release of such a product would have - the amount of money added to the circulation. Why, I bet there would even bring some Canadian money brought into the US economy by such a product.


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    Re: Why only one Solo Viola?

    Hello, Adam

    The issue about only one solo viola and solo bass comes up now and then, because it does seem out of balance with the rest of the strings - since there are so many options for solo violin.

    We're working on our music in a digital dimension, and that does give us more flexibility than in the Real World:

    --One can use multiple instances of the same instrument, but without some adjustments, there can be phasing issues, since the same samples being played simultaneously can cause that.

    --If the same MIDI track is used on a copy of a track, one will Definitely get phasing, since the same notes are being played.

    --But you're talking about needing another soloist playing a different line than the other soloist. Go ahead and add a second viola in Aria, then carefully adjust the tuning on both instances of the instrument. Grab the Zero next to "Tune" in the information window for the instrument, and hold down your mouse while moving either right and left or up and down. You'll need to be subtle about it - try perhaps one viola at -3 and a second one at +3. Experiment, and see if you can get results that are satisfactory for you.

    --ONE MORE TIP - Don't forget that on the Controls page for each loaded instrument in Aria, you can turn the EQ on and make either a subtle or dramatic difference in an instruments tone. I would suggest making one viola a bit brighter than the other.

    I hope you try these ideas out. You may find them useful for overcoming the limitation you're pointing out in GPO.


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