As a second, and portable, workstation, I am struggling for weeks now to get GVI working on a laptop (Lenovo,Pentium 6200/2.13GHz), working with Lexicon Alpha interface, M Audio Keystation 61es and Sonar 8. I love the sound when it is working.
But: Channel 16 is Westgate's trumpet, stacked with their generous GigaPulse Medium Hall-Back-center. All the other 15 channels are set to Fx1(1,2), and this way all instruments have GigaPulse (Medium Hall-Back Center).
All is fine until I save the GVI preset, save the project, and leave Sonar 8. When reload the same project, channel 16 is changed to Harp, and the stacked Trumpet is gone. Loading the preset brings it back.
What am I doing wrong? Please.