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Topic: Steinway causing weird playback in Finale

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    Steinway causing weird playback in Finale

    My basic Steinway is doing the strangest thing: any text expression that contains the word "only" triggers play of a D natural, 2 octaves down from middle C.

    Obviously, this is some sort of strange Keyswitch effect.
    Except I cannot, for the life of me, find ANY HP technique that has the word "Only" as a trigger, nor one that has the D natural two octaves down from middle C as the Keyswitch note.

    My issue came about with the text expression (not intended to trigger ANY playback effect): "(for rehearsal only)".

    If I change the text to read "(for rehearsal)", it works fine, but adding the word "only" causes this annoying staccato D to play.

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    Re: Steinway causing weird playback in Finale

    Salut collègue!

    Have you tried with another plug-in? Steinway will play only to note on / note off messages. So I assume other instruments will exhibit the same behavior... If not, maybe send the Finale file containing the offending bit to Support so we investigate the issue.
    Éric Patenaude, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: Steinway causing weird playback in Finale

    Eric, le problem semble s'ètre résolu par lui-même.
    Ca ne le fait plus.

    C'était comme si le mot "only" dans l'expression textuel faisait jouer une KeySwitch. Très très bizarre. Je l'ai essayé avec le Steinway du full GPO, ainsi qu'avec le piano de base du Softsynth qui vient avec Finale, et ca le faisait aussi, alors c'était même pas un problême de GAS.

    Mais, enfin, ça ne le fait plus.

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    Re: Steinway causing weird playback in Finale

    Française de chiffrement secrète!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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