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Topic: How are people doing drum patterns?

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    How are people doing drum patterns?

    A lot of the examples people have posted, and those in the JABB jazz arranging tutorial, have great sounding drums. Does JABB provide a collection of drum patterns and loops to use as starting points? What are people out there using to get a good drum groove?


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    Re: How are people doing drum patterns?

    I do not use any patterns. All notes are played in to get a good variety so it doesn't sound programmed.


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    Re: How are people doing drum patterns?

    I've tried doing it that way and it just sounds kinda lame. I'm not a drummer and I'm used to just writing slashes with brass cues. Now I can enter in a text book "swing" pattern, but it's never really convincing, and I don't understand how one could make a decent drum part for even a 3 minute song without having to spend days and days on the drum track, at which point it makes more sense to just hire a drummer for an hour or two.


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    Re: How are people doing drum patterns?

    I am a brass player with zero keyboard skills, not a drummer, so I can't play stuff in, AND I work in notation...but I first map out where I want kicks that support the band and fills in the empty spaces or turnarounds where I have written "fill" in the drum part.
    Then--I confess--I use Band in a Box or Jammer to generate a basic track, around which I then construct the desired kicks and fills.

    I also take great care to make sure I have not created a drummer with six arms and five feet, especially where the fills and kicks occur.

    I bought a copy of Jamstix a long time ago, which I really ought to learn how to use.

    And, BTW, I write a drum part in my Finale score exactly as I would write it for the drummer and mute the staff. I place the "constructed" drum track in a staff that I eventually hide on the score but enable for playback.

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    Re: How are people doing drum patterns?

    I'm not a drummer myself, but:
    You have to play it (midi-keyboard or something)
    You need to now the instrument (so, basically, go rehearse some real drums, and listen to pro drummers)

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    Re: How are people doing drum patterns?

    I use notation and HP, plus a LOT of trial and error. Basic beats are fairly simple (create the basic 2 or 4 bar beat, then copy/paste throughout the appropriate portions of the score), rolls a little less so, and some of the more complex fills take more than a dozen attempts...

    BTW- I played drums as a teen, but nowadays, haven't touched a set for well over a decade. But that was all by ear and instinct, so I am constantly refining my "mouse drumming" technique...

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