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Topic: Omnisphere / RMX / Trilian on a Macbook Air...??

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    Question Omnisphere / RMX / Trilian on a Macbook Air...??

    Anyone tried it on one of the new MBA's?? I'm looking at the 13" Macbook Air with 1.8GHz i7 and 256GB SSD.

    I know a Macbook Pro would blow the Air out of the water in terms of processing power, but living in Hong Kong I'm not sure I'd actually CARRY the MBP like I would the MBA -- transportation here is mostly by bus, train, and Nike -- every ounce counts when you have to carry everything on your back.

    So I'm really attracted by the thought, however naive, that I could actually use a MBA as my main music computer -- but the ability to run the Spectrasonics plugs is the key issue. On paper, it's WAAAAY under spec for Omni, but surely some of you guys have tried it...??

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    Re: Omnisphere / RMX / Trilian on a Macbook Air...??

    Hi Tokyo Tain

    Omni, Trill, and RMX have very rich Beautiful sounds Omni has a CPU saving mode but who wants to use that, these VSTs are heavy weights and also high end production, if you are able to get the best Mac pro to cope with this then do so and dont limit your self.

    Here in the UK England alot of cummuters travel around with out the back pack instead they use small to medium travel cases with wheels and pull there stuff around maybe you should consider this option, more and more cummuters are using the travel case with wheels to get to work and so on.

    But again over kill is better than under kill when your buying cumputers for music.


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    Re: Omnisphere / RMX / Trilian on a Macbook Air...??

    Haven't tried this myself yet either....I'm sure they are decent since they are modern computers/processors. The big question is how much polyphony you can get going at once and if that's enough or will you be fighting it all the time.

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    Re: Omnisphere / RMX / Trilian on a Macbook Air...??

    Of course rumour has it there may be a 15" MacBook Pro Air just before Christmas, I'm currently holding out in case and if not will fall back to an i7 13"MBA which should be pretty powerful considering some of the benchmarks people have been posting recently.


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