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Topic: Brass and drums demo

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    Brass and drums demo

    Here's a piece for brass and drums. Please give it a listen.

    Brass Swagger


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    Re: Brass and drums demo

    I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I used Vienna's Dimension Brass, the Bb trumpet download, and their jazz drums. I also used a little of Battery 3 in the drums.

    EWH Brass is just down the pike and no doubt it will be a serious brass alternative. I wonder if it will have the divisii capacity that Dimension has as part of its programming.


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    Re: Brass and drums demo


    I like drumming but here i will only say that..its a nice attempt.


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    Re: Brass and drums demo

    Very nice! I really liked it! Very smooth but with a constant suspense.

    I would like it a bit more quantized though, it's a bit too loose. This adds to the realism but any decent player (by all means, I don't suggest that you're not good) will probably play tighter to the tempo.

    Also I think that a little compression to bring the overall mix a bit front will be nice. Add a touch to the low brass, they are somewhat undefined.

    Great job! Thanks for posting it here.

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    Re: Brass and drums demo

    Thanks eliOs.

    Quantizing may work here, but I prefer the looseness. I think I play quite a bit ahead of the beat in this.

    Thanks for listening and commenting.


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