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Topic: Gary ?

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    Gary ?

    It's been a very long time since our illustrious leader showed up here. I hope that all is going well, does anyone have any news ?
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    Re: Gary ?

    Ditto! I also hope everything is OK with the Garritan kingdom.
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    Re: Gary ?

    We did have that nice burst of posts from Gary several months ago, but now it's been quite awhile since he's been here.

    But the good news is that I talked with Gary on the phone just earlier this week, and he was as full of new ideas, new projects and energy as ever. He said it's a time of flux, and things just can't be the same here on the Forum as they used to be, but that there are new vistas ahead which will be great news, and a breath of new, fresh air to all of us Garritanites.

    For now - we just need to sit tight. In time - all will be revealed!--


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    Re: Gary ?

    I hope all is fine with Gary and his family.

    Randy, have you read that Northernsounds is for sale, now? http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ement.php?f=39
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    Re: Gary ?

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    ...but that there are new vistas ahead which will be great news, and a breath of new, fresh air to all of us Garritanites.

    For now - we just need to sit tight. In time - all will be revealed!--


    Yeah, I hate to be the Crabby Abby, but...
    This is exactly all we've been getting for, what, 3 years now?

    Yes, "soon" is the proverbial release of something earth-shattering.

    You know, I am going to be one peeved puppy if it's just a new version of GPO that's only Win7 64-bit compatible.

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    Re: Gary ?

    Hi, Gunther!--Yes, I see NS is for sale - An interesting drama.--!

    hehe, Michel--Well, if you want to be "Crabby Abby," you're free to be that! I guess I was sticking my neck out to respond to this thread at all, but I'm here again, since you brought up GPO - to say that the un-released things I was alluding to have nothing to do with GPO. So - as I said, wait and see - But I hope you and everyone continues to make wonderful music in the meantime.


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    Re: Gary ?

    One thing I'd seriously like to know:

    are Garritan et compagnie going to continue making products that are notation-software-friendly?

    I've looked at a LOT of alternatives for adding better strings, or chorus, or whatnot, and every time I think I've found something that has potential, it's not notation-software-friendly in ANY manner, shape, or form.

    Some of the great-sounding libraries I've come across even require a completely independent second computer to run JUST the library... this means one computer with your DAW (never mind notation software) and one computer JUST for the library.

    GPO has spoiled us notation users.

    What would be an awful shame, and real kick in the pants to a VERY loyal (and now firmly addicted) user base, would be for Garritan & Co. to move away from offering products accessible to notation software users.

    Many of us do not, and WILL not, work in a DAW. The sort of training we've gone through has made us largely dependent on using notation to get our end results. You really have to see it from our point of view as well. It's been years since we've been promised new products and upgrades, and we've seen absolutely nothing. Many of us are becoming suspicious that we will be abandoned by the roadside in the not-too-distant future.

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    Re: Gary ?

    Hi, Michel -

    There's no flicker of a reason to think Gary plans on abandoning notation users.

    I see you're very passionate on the subject, and you're afraid notation users will somehow be left out in the cold, but that worry isn't based on anything that's actually happened or is happening.

    I understand your frustration over how the release of new things has been slow, but it would be better for you if you could control your imagination and not fabricate problems that don't exist.

    Deep breaths - I am confident that notation users will always be an important part of the Garritan user community.


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    Re: Gary ?

    It isn't a question of imagination run rampant.
    It is from simple experience.
    There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of libraries out on the market right now.
    Those that work with notation programs can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

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    Re: Gary ?

    OK, Michel - Well, I've done what I can to point out that it's faulty logic to assume that what other companies do is what Garritan is doing. Trying to help you fret less. I've really said all I can.

    Take care.

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