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Topic: Has anyone totally departed from Gigastudio?

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    Has anyone totally departed from Gigastudio?

    I bought my GS4 upgrade a month before Tascam decided to ditch it. I kept a dual boot W7x64/XP machine just in case I wanted to use it again.

    Since I don't own one of the cards that has GSIF 2.1 drivers I can never run it on a 64 bit machine. (Does RME still have GSIF 2.1 support?)

    I didn't have a lot of money invested in Giga libraries. I have a KH library which I cross/upgraded to Diamond, GOS Lite and some Sampletekk/BiggaGigga libraries and Westwoods woodwinds. The Sampletekk stuff has instructions on their site on converting to Kontakt. I'm hoping the libraries that came out during GS 2.5 will not be a hassle to import.

    My dual boot drive is only a 160 GB. After awhile the 64 bit OS takes up space along with the programs in it. So my W7 partition is about 80% full. I've read imaging a dual boot drive is asking for a lot of hassles. Acronis doesn't recommend it. Somewhere the boot managers get messed up. Resizing the paritions creats problems in W7

    I do believe once I delete that XP partition that license can't be used again since I have the W7 upgrade license even if its on the same machine.

    The GS4 installer will not let you install it on a W7x64 if there are no GSIF 2,1 drivers. You are not allowed the option of installing 32 bit.

    I have no idea is the program would work on W7x32. GS4 will not work on XPSP3.

    I never really got to use GS4 but it seemed like a decent upgrade from 3 as far as loading times.

    So I'm debating on deleting my XP/Giga partition. There's really no need to keep it other than sentimental value. I still have my GS 2.5 software starting from GS 2.5 24 to 160 and GS3 plus GVI. They are all in that big GS 3 wooden box.

    Has anyone else had the debate of common sense vs. sentimental value? I didn't want to put this in the GS thread since no one probably lurks there.

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    Re: Has anyone totally departed from Gigastudio?

    I haven't used Giga for several years, although I still have the wooden box

    I don't think there was an upgrade from XP to Win7, so you should have no problem installing XP on another machine should you wish to.

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