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Topic: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

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    Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    On september 1. Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate ($499 and $999) - 27 instruments and 50 instruments.

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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    OK - I'm officially pissed off!! I just upgraded to Komplete 7 last month, and now I'll have to pay yet again to be up to date. Meanwhile they'll follow their usual strategy of making the upgrade price the same from any version, so that users who didn't bother with the upgrade to 7 will still only have to pay the same as I do.

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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    The same here, it is what I did last month. Got My 7 upgrade yesterday and now this news

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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    I kind of figured when they came out with a very low price for the upgrade that something was up, so didn't 'bite'......fortunately. I also didn't feel there was enough new in Komplete 7 that justified an update (from my perspective). But thanks for the 'heads up' re. version 8; will definitely check it out.
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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    Any word on what Kontakt 5 has in store?

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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    I skipped the #7 update because there didn't seem to be much that was really essential, for me at any rate.

    We'll see whether #8 brings any innovation or is just another, bigger repackaging of NI add-on samples, patches, etc., which is what #7 seemed to me.


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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    What is known: Reaktor 5.6, Guitar Rig 5 Pro. Kontakt will be the very same 4, no info on 5. All others are all the same except they add Transient Master and Studio Drummer to the pack while Ultimate version includes everything NI has at the moment.

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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    I just purchased Komplete 7 a week ago, so thank goodness I'm in AA.

    Wonder what the upgrade cost for me will be?


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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    Got info Kontakt will be 5

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    Re: Native Instruments launches Komplete 8

    ok for those who are pissed off...

    let me be a fortune teller so next time you are prepared.
    and I am able to do this not by any special spiritual gift, but by history.
    NI does it every year. Has been doing it for the last three or four years and I am pretty sure will be doing it for years to come.

    Every summer they have huge discounts... typically 50% off.. especially on the then current Komplete series... then september/october they come out with a new version of komplete....

    The upgrade from a previous version is about $230US most years, what did you save when you bought the current Komplete at 50% off?


    edit: btw if you did purchase after the sale, I would encourage you to email them.... I have found them a reasonable company.
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