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Topic: Name that synth

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    Name that synth

    Hey I've got a quick question and maybe this isn't the best place to ask it but what the heck. I'm producing a pop/rock song and I'm trying to figure out what kind of sound/synthesizer is used on the song "I want you" by Savage Garden. I'm talking about the sound at the beginning that sounds kind of like telephone buttons being pushed with a delay. I know nothing about synthesizers and creating your own sounds via layering and all that stuff and so I figured I would ask the all-knowing community. I know this is predominantly an orchestral forum so if the mods want to move it I will understand completely. I'm using Garritan Strings on the recording though


    It starts at 4 seconds.

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    Re: Name that synth

    To my poor ears, it just sounds like a very basic vibe sound with a big echo delay on it.

    To be honest I know very little about how pop music synths as I rarely touch electronic sounding instruments - but that's what I'm hearing.

    I think if you eq'ed away the bottom of a similar vibe-esque instrument, you'd get that sound.
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    Re: Name that synth

    Some kind of 4-operator synth maybe? A Korg Poly-800 or a DX-7? Although I think maybe the DX-7 was not 4-operator. I dunno, man...long time ago. Good luck!
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    Re: Name that synth

    Yeah, I'm clueless. Thanks for the advice though. Creating synth sounds is a science in itself and one that I know nothing about.

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    Re: Name that synth

    That particular patch sound like a combination of a basic sound plus effects.

    The basic sound is much like a simple, short flute patch with maybe a bit more attack than the real thing. When a key is depressed, it triggers that single staccato note in a auto-repeat mode (used in this case, sort of like 16th notes) that successively decrease in volume. On top of that, the patch has embedded auto-pan (or it was mixed to simulate an auto-pan) where the diminishing 16th notes are alternated far left and right (sort of in time) every four 16ths.

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    Re: Name that synth

    Here's my cent.

    1. I'm not able to identify the synts in the video, since they scratched the brand from the back. There's no reason to argue they actually used the same rig in the studio. But...

    Here's my cent.. two.. two cents
    2. ... It's a very basic sound you can obtain either from Moog Modular down to free vst plug-in: a flute preset (tweaked as suggested by DarwinKopp) or a sine/square-wave with a short clarinet-like contour. Again, it's a dialing-like tone, so I guess it comes from a not -so-powerful sound chip. So...

    Well, three... three cents...
    3. You can download it from the ring tones library of most cellular phones on the market. It comes as tiny audio file (usually in .wav format) Load it into a track, add delay and auto-pan and enjoy it.

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