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Topic: Looping on SF imports

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    Looping on SF imports

    I\'ve noticed a bug in Gigastudio\'s SoundFont Import. That is that if the samples are not looped as in most drum programs, sometimes the whole samples become looped instead of just playing once. I\'m not sure if this happens all the time or if it just happens when a loop is defined but turned off.

    Another problem is that note exclusive settings aren\'t transferred. Is this function implemented in Gigastudio or do we still need to do our hi-hats on our old equipment?

    Aside from that the SF import sounds great. Good job NemeSys

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    Re: Looping on SF imports

    Well, Gigastudio does do hi-hats well now. It won\'t import the setting from a drum SoundFont, but you can add it yourself. Just go to properties / keygroups and assign the high-hats to their own keygroup (1 for instance). Cool

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