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Topic: Garritan ARIA player setup help

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    Garritan ARIA player setup help

    So a friend of mine lent me his finale 2011 disc so I could install, so I installed the garritan sounds but I have no idea how to make it work... can I please have some help??:p

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    Re: Garritan ARIA player setup help

    Start reading the manual I would say.

    Look at the Garritan website and on NorthernSounds.com the a lot of questions would be answered I think.

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    Re: Garritan ARIA player setup help

    He "lent you" his disc?? That, my friend, is not permitted under his licensing agreement. (Yes, I do understand about trial versions too, but they are not obtained that way for a reason). I'm sure the makers of Finale would like to know his name so perhaps you can tell us that? Do you mean you are currently stealing/pirating the software or aren't a licensed owner? If so, you still feel it's okay to come to this forum and ask for help?? Perhaps contact others elsewhere who feel stealing is okay. If you did buy the program, or are using a legitimate trial version, then Make Music will help you with learning how to use the program. There are many resources available from them that will assist legitimate customers.
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    Re: Garritan ARIA player setup help

    Yes, I agree with this completely- that is pirating. Go away

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    Re: Garritan ARIA player setup help

    Yes, I agree as well with this completely!

    Stop pirating. Go away and buy it.

    Then read the manual.

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