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Topic: Kyrie

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    Re: Kyrie

    Quote Originally Posted by JSwerling View Post
    Hi Joshua,

    I've been listening to some of your work over the last few weeks (Symphony no 3 etc) and this gives me an opportunity to comment. Some people will not relate to your writing very easily. Others will love it. I'm in the latter category! The tension and moodiness really works for me allowing the more lyrical moments to really shine through. This held my attention and interest all the way through.

    I sing in a good choir and tuning is something that has to be spot on for me (and the rest of my colleagues). Oddly, the unusual tuning you use doesn't bother me. It sounds fresh, modern and original.

    I must dash but will come back later with further thoughts on Kyrie.

    Cheers, Graham

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    Re: Kyrie

    Thank you very very much, Graham!

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