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Topic: Sharing a Positive Experience: Kirk Hunter Studios

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    Sharing a Positive Experience: Kirk Hunter Studios

    Hello -

    In the past, I have shared my positive opinions regarding products from Kirk Hunter Studios. (Currently, I own the Diamond 1 Orchestral collection as well as his Concert Strings 2 collection.) I think that they produce fine-sounding products and are worthy of consideration when faced with a choice of purchasing string or orchestral instrumental libraries. Well, I want to share another positive experience with Kirk Hunter Studios. Recently, the company added an upgrade to its Concert Strings 2 library which I purchased for a very modest price of $29.00. It adds its TVEC 3 programming to this library. Well, I encountered a significant problem after I downloaded the upgrade. The new Kontakt 4 files to the upgraded Concert Strings 2 library were missing significant associated sample files. I registered a request to Kirk Hunter Studios for a fix to the problem and, much to my relief, they quickly responded and sent me the needed sample files. So, besides having excellent sounding libraries, it seems that Kirk Hunter Studios provides quick and responsive service for their customers seeking help. In the competitive world of instrumental libraries, I believe that this positive experience needs to be shared. Going a step further, I believe that Kirk Hunter Studios continues to be worthy of strong consideration when going to market for orchestral sound libraries.

    I see that Kirk Hunter Studios will be offering a new product: Concert Brass 2. It is my understanding that it also contains TVEC 3 programing to be realized through Kontakt 4. From what I can tell in listening to the examples of this library, it promises to also be worthy of consideration for anyone wanting to purchase an orchestral brass library.

    Just want to share a good experience. . .

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    Re: Sharing a Positive Experience: Kirk Hunter Studios

    You have simply stolen my words

    I second your every word, Kirk has been great both in producing quality libraries (I use almost exclusively Concert Strings II for strings now) and giving great support. TVEC 3 is a really nice addition, I like Kirk's scripting approach more than any other. And the instruments are still editable, you can even change some parameters if you like and know how to do. Besides extensive automation capabilities.

    Congratulations for Kirk on this one. And the Brasses sound great in the demos too.

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    Re: Sharing a Positive Experience: Kirk Hunter Studios

    I also own Kirk Hunter products (Emerald, Ruby and earlier libraries) and have gotten great prices and excellent support whenever I've had an issue. I am also looking forward to the brass and new strings...

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