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Topic: New York Times

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    New York Times

    Big city funk with a virtual Flügelhornsolo played by Igor Len on the JP-80 from Roland

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    Re: New York Times

    Hey Hans! I am not usually a fan of music that is more based on textural sounds. I have listened to your music over the past months and I really do like how you blend your music with video. Do not misunderstand me, this piece as well as many others that I have heard from you has a very creative aspect to it IMO and I think that it blends perfectly to the videos that go along with the music. It seems that you are always experimenting with the latest sound generating software. It sounds great to me. Please keep it up.

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    Re: New York Times

    Thank you Jay,
    happy to hear that you like my creative output.
    What is the meaning of textural sounds in this regard?


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    Re: New York Times

    Hey Hans!
    To me, film scores very often seem to have periods in the piece where real instruments
    and/or electronically generated sounds are used to create a mood. The melodic sense
    of the piece temporarily gives way to a color or "texture" of sound. Kind of like the
    sounds we might hear in a mystery movie to help build drama. You seem to do that
    in your music. At points you would have a developing melody and then switch to a
    more rhythmic canvas of sounds. I think that you make it work. My listening preference
    is for a piece to have at least some developing melodic content.

    Anyway, that's my long winded response to you question.

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    Re: New York Times

    Thank you Jay for taking the time to explain.
    I guess i am using a somewhat more "popsong" oriented approach in my music where i give the listener a rest between themes to digest what they just heard and create a bit of emptiness so the next part is even more appreciated when the melody returns.
    This type of breakdown/interlude is quite common in contemporary music.
    Generally speaking i am pretty much sitting between the chairs with my style because i am using popular beats and structures and replace the part of the vocals with my instrumental themes. Definetly limits the audience that i can reach but what the heck-i am doing it mostly (if not comletely) just for fun and getting lost in the creative zone is my favorite state of mind!

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