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Topic: Stylus RMX Groove Elements as Ableton Live Clips?

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    Stylus RMX Groove Elements as Ableton Live Clips?

    I'm having trouble finding the answer in the tutorials and user guide so figured I'd ask here:

    I have created a suite in Stylus RMX with a dozen or so grooves, all from different suites in the RMX user library. What I'd like to do is have each of these grooves as a clip in Ableton Live.

    When I try dragging and dropping these grooves into Ableton Live, the clips no longer play the correct elements. I tried setting up multiple MIDI and Audio channels in Ableton, following the tutorial, but I can't figure out how to use this configuration to have each clip in Ableton Live play the correct elements, just as they do in Stylus.

    I know there is probably a complicated way to do this, but is there a smooth workflow solution to be able to load up multiple Stylus clips from different suites into Live and have them all play just as they do when triggered from Stylus?

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    Red face Re: Stylus RMX Groove Elements as Ableton Live Clips?

    I answered my own question--just as I thought, I was overlooking the obvious. All I needed to do was record audio clips of groove elements. Easy fast and very very cool. In case anyone else is wondering.

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