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Topic: Post Audio Media releases Post Piano Suite

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    Post Audio Media releases Post Piano Suite

    Post Piano Suite is an amazing collection of great and unique piano samples including some extra instruments such as celesta, electric piano, glockenspiel etc.
    Once unpacked this collection contains around 1.5 GigaBytes of high quality piano instruments, one of them being the Post Steinway D Concert Grand.Gig piano witch is a 8-layer chromaticly sampled Steinway D, with seperate samples for sustain-pedal down notes.

    Check out info at http://www.biggagiggas.com/news.htm
    Contact info@biggagiggas.com for further info.

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    Re: Post Audio Media releases Post Piano Suite

    Sounds promising, Worra. Will you have any demos up soon? Also it would be nice if you got a demo up of the Solina strings (and whichever discs don\'t have demos yet )


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