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Topic: Logic doesn't see Aria.

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    Question Logic doesn't see Aria.

    I bought Jazz/Big Band today and ran the installer without modifying anything.
    I can launch the standalone OK, but nothing shows up in Logic.

    Nor AU Manager

    Nor after restart.

    Sad, really. I am working on a new project and bought this precisely for help with horn visualisation.

    Mac 2.4G 8-core
    14 G RAM
    OSX 10.6.8
    ARIA Player 1.091

    PS . I visited the various support pages and was invited to download the 1.11 updater, which I did, but the standalone is still 1.091 and Logic still can't see Aria.
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    Re: Logic doesn't see Aria.

    Hi Pete,

    You probably updated the engine only (through Ariaengine.com) and not the player...

    1. Log in at garritan.com
    2. Go to "/My Account/Free Downloads"
    3. Download the latest version of the ARIA Player

    This will put the standalone, the engine and the plug-ins up to date. If this doesn't fix it for you, contact Garritan support.

    Éric Patenaude, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: Logic doesn't see Aria.

    Could be completely irrelevant, but if you're running Logic in 64 bit it would be worth opening in 32 bit to see if Logic sees it then...


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    Re: Logic doesn't see Aria.

    thanks Eric, Barrie, support have contacted me and linked me to the latest download - strange, since I just bought the software.

    Never mind, it's now working



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