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Topic: Difference Between GigaStudio 160 and 96

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    Difference Between GigaStudio 160 and 96


    Just to be sure I understand well the differences between 96 ans 160 :

    - The number of midi chanel differs...
    - The polyphony differs...
    - Some plugins are missing in GigaStudio 96...

    Is that all ?

    Is the performence better with 160 ? Is that why it can support more polyphony ?

    What are the advantage upgrading to GigaStudio 160 ( be cause I actually have GigaSamplerLE) if I beleave 32 midi chanels and a polyphony of 96 is enough.

    Does the plugins missing are so good ?


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    Re: Difference Between GigaStudio 160 and 96

    I think that\'s about right.

    I don\'t believe the performance between the programs is different. Just features as you described.

    As for the effects, two people could have completely different opinions about the same effect - you just gotta hear it yourself. Unfortunately, that might be hard for you to do without the effects available to you.


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    Re: Difference Between GigaStudio 160 and 96

    Is it possible to convert a stereo-gig to a mono-gig without having to edit all wavs and reassign them?

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    Re: Difference Between GigaStudio 160 and 96

    You got the details correct on the differences between 96 and 160. The 96 comes with the coolest effect which is the lush reverb. In A\\B listening tests, it compared to quality \"hardware\" effects and uses much less CPU than any reverb plugin on the market.
    As to converting Stero to Mono, You would need to convert the waves at this point. The instrument articulation feature that is part of the GigaStudio will speed this process up. You could save an instrument articulation and then export the waves and batch convert them to mono. Then import them into the GigaSampler and match the folder and name arrangments the instrument had and load the articulation file. You should have a matching Mono version, paramater for paramater. It also wouldn\'t hurt to email the wishlist (wishlist@nemesysmusic.com) and the Northern sounds wishlist for this feature to be automatic in a future version.
    Take care

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