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Topic: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

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    Question re Bela D DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    Anyone here experienced with DIVA Revamp, Tenor and/or Soprano tools?

    Individual consonants are apparently included, but is it possible to create reasonable English phrases?

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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    I'll respond to your email here. Our vocal products do not contain a word builder. Vocal Tools is about creating the illusion of language by way of script driven sequencing smaller vocal elements or, elements of a phrase. For a basic example: The phrase Agnus Dei was chromatically sampled across the vocal scale. The VT script allows you to play,

    1. AH on E
    2. GNUS on F#
    3. DE on G
    4. IE on A

    Etc, etc.

    This technique was developed by us in 2005 with VCU (Vocal Control Utility) from the Giovani choir but has since been replaced via scripting. The script will allow you to drag and drop as many elements as you wish and string them together in real-time to create that illusionist language.

    It will also allow you to create, store and assign groups of 16 via a single key switch. If you listen to the Vocal Tools demos, what you are hearing is the composer playing back a massive list of vocal elements with his own melody and tempo.

    Here are some pro comments –

    It’s the scripting! I have no idea how they’re doing it but, at this moment, they are the only company out there that is getting that magical transition from note to note sounding authentic (apart from VSL but their magic is done with samples!). It really does sound and play great!

    Composer, Ty Unwin

    Just amazing and well placed within the Assassin’s Creed II Soundtrack and official trailer!

    Composer, Jesper Kyd

    Bela D Media’s new Vocal Tools libraries combine perfect tone with incredible usability. The vocal performances are expressive and emotional but more so – and most importantly – very consistent! It’s very straightforward to combine different phrase elements and syllables achieving such a natural sound. Vocal Tools samples lends very well to adding an operatic “flavor” to any production. In addition, I find it to mix better than any other vocal library I’ve used before and without sounding artificial in any way. The best part of VT, for a deadline-driven media composer, is stunning results quickly and right “out of the box!”

    Composer, Oliver Wallner

    There are just too many reviews on DIVA to post. Please see DIVA Revamp Accolades on our site for more details.

    Hopefully others will chime in but if not, do a search here on NS. There are many postie comments within. DIVA (2003 - though since updated to DIVA Revamp) is still our #1 seller to date and that makes us very proud. I hope this was helpful.

    Best to you,
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    Thanks for your response Francis.

    I was aware that no wordbuilding facility is available, but as the inclusion of consonants and "elements" was mentioned, I was also hoping for a reasonable amount of general phonemes, so some basic English (or other language) phrases could be "constructed" (not expecting everything to be fully intelligible, of course).

    I searched this forum and got the impression that Soprano and Tenor are more controllable then Diva. Is that the case? Unfortunately, most of the links to examples I found are dead . Also, access to the manuals would have been helpful.

    I'm still not clear how Diva differs from Soprano (other than the 2 voices it has and long looped vowels). Are the number of controllable "elements' about the same in both and could they be considered/treated like phonemes. Are they constricted to just Latin/Gregorian sounds?

    BTW, how will the support for these products be affected if/when you switch to a new "engine"?

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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    Yes, VT Soprano and VT Tenor are more controllable then DIVA. DIVA was created in 2003 and VT is 2009. However, DIVA was updated to "mock" what we have accomplished with VT and is now called DIVA Revamp.

    Here is a list of what is sung with VT Soprano/Tenor.

    Again, the script will allow you to dial in to the smallest syllable and control on what key/tempo each are played. Consider the list your main building blocks but you can chop it all up and mix and match, etc.

    If you wish to request a copy of the guides, please email the main office and we will forward them to you within 24. The web access side of our site will have guides but the new site is still somewhat under-construction.

    As far as ENGINE or MUTO, we cannot answer your question at this time. We are still testing. Nothing that has been released to date would be ported to a VSTi. Performance dependent, but driven by the significant need of protection from piracy and only on new products.

    Lastly, it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass along this thread on the blue forum.

    Best to you,
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    I have used Diva, Tenor and Soprano tools often in my Relics pieces.
    These are very easy to use, much easier than the EW Wordbuilder. I never found the WB very convincing, and it does not exist for solo voices as far as I know.
    In this field Bela D Media is just the best in my opinion.
    In Relics IX I was even able to create some kind of duet between the tenor and soprano, by using a similar sequence of samples.
    You can listen to the pieces here (some pieces have their own pages, links on the sidebar at the right)


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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    Hi - A question regarding the Diva and Soprano Tool instruments - can their dynamics be controlled via breath control (cc#2) or Expression (cc#11)? I would like to incorporate one of them in an algorithmic composition environment which uses these controllers.


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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    >an algorithmic composition environment<

    Out of curiosity, what are you using?

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    Re: Question re DIVA Revamp, Tenor and Soprano tools

    These are Kontakt insturments, so you can assign CCs pretty much however you want.

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