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Topic: (former) Garritan Strad and Grofiller....

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    (former) Garritan Strad and Grofiller....

    ok, so, I understand that the person who designed the strad and gopher (or programmed them?) left garritan co. and took the violin and cello along with them.

    I know this is rather off-topic, but... is he doing anything with them? is he rereleasing them in some form? creating a new library using them? adding to them?

    I wouldn't mind adding to my sample library.. urrr library. however, I understand if the breakup was less-than amicable, it might be uncomfortable to point users towards a disgruntled former employee (are there any "gruntled" former employees?).

    however, if the breakup was amicable, is there any way garritan & co might consider pointing some of us in the right direction to get further support for our past purchases of the Strad and Gopher?

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    Re: (former) Garritan Strad and Grofiller....

    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by saying this, but...

    Giorgio is currently working with Peter Siedlaczek at Sample Modeling. Somewhere in their forum he's said that some string instrument offering is in the works, but won't say when or if it will be released.

    My understanding is that Giorgio owns the technology, but Gary owns the actual samples. Or something. So whatever they're cooking up, it will be a completely new instrument.

    I could be wrong about this...
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: (former) Garritan Strad and Grofiller....


    so there's nothing for us notation users to do but wait.
    it seems that every library manufacturer is playing the wait and see game.

    no news, nothing on the horizon, from Garritan regarding the new string library.

    none of the other string libraries I've examined seem to be as readily adaptable to use within a notation program like Finale.

    the only other choice is one that still, unfortunately, relies on the arcane and most-decidedly user-UNfriendly Kontakt Player.

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    Re: (former) Garritan Strad and Grofiller....

    Have you tried emailing info@garritan.com?

    I know that Gary is sticking to a strict policy of not disclosing future product news or announcements until they are ready. (and doing a good job at it ) But he may have more to answer personal inquires sent directly.

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