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Topic: Ot-

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    Question Ot-

    It's the first day of summer. No one is on the forum. But, I have a question you may answer.

    Sometimes, when listening to a recording mainly on mp3 or even wav format, the music seems to sound flat for an instant than back to pitch. Am I wrong or just ignorant of the fact that electrical pulses play an important factor in keeping the music in tune? Am I getting through to ya buddy or should I just go make a sandwich and call it a day?

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    Re: Ot-

    G'day Styxx,

    You do not need to worry about the electrical pulses keeping your music in tune. This would not be a likely problem. There are also many other possible but not so likely ways, your music could sound out of tune to you. Is it perhaps the craving for as sandwich?

    If not, my guess would be that your music does not really go out of tune, but only sounds flat in the sense that it, looses all its sparkle. In other words your music has all its higher frequencies cut and therefore sounds dull.

    Assuming that you listen to your music via a pair of monitor speakers, moving around in the room or even just turning your head, will change the sound pressure levels of the higher frequencies at your ears.

    If you do not feel comfortable with my very reasonable assumption, please let me know. I should be able to find slightly more than 3.14159 - 1 answers.


    PS so what if I am wrong
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    Re: Ot-

    It's a real long shot, but I'd go with Herbert's second answer, except to add that a cut in harmonics actually can influence pitch perception. Our perception of the pitch of a sound is very much a global thing, that depends on pattern-recognition amongst all the partials present. If, for instance, you sharpen some of the upper harmonics of a sound your perception of the overall pitch will also sharpen, even though the frequency of the fundamental is unaltered (to a point. There does come a point where a harmonic moves too far, becomes detached from the global perception, and we start to hear it as a separate entity). So if your pitch perception of an mp3 was quite dependent on its upper harmonics, and some of those suddenly went missing (for instance if you're using variable rate encoding) then I could see how it might temporarily sound flat - in reality though, I don't think it would be by an appreciable amount, so it's probably got nothing to do with your problem.

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