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Topic: How to preload all samples?

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    How to preload all samples?


    I have a quite slow HDD, but a plenty of RAM.
    Is there a way in GPO4 to preload all the samples to the RAM? For example all the Pipe Organ samples only would take 234MB.
    I want to completely avoid disk losses, which unfortunately do happen sometimes regardless of the size of preload cache.

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to preload all samples?

    You should be able to open multiple instances of the aria player, loading up to 16 instruments in each player, up to as much ram as your computer can safely withhold. You can set the ram max in the players.

    Settings - click on DYN -Max and set it to something high enough to take the samples. (higher than 'Ram Total' - which appears above it)

    Unless you're talking about a different problem. Precaching can also be upped. But someone with better tech knownledge than me could probably explain what this does better.
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    Re: How to preload all samples?

    Actually I only want to load 1 instrument, but make sure it never misses a sample.
    The maximum precache is 128kb per sample, but I would like to use something like 2MB.

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