A free trial of AudioPort™ Universal is now available. AudioPort Universal is Audio Impressions' cross-platform software for hosting vst sampler or synth plug-ins and sending their multichannel digital audio output over gigabit Ethernet to a sequencer or DAW - no audio cards needed.
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Free trial for 30 days here.
NOW $79 (50% off!!!)

• Sends up to 32 channels of 192 kHz 32 bit digital audio from PCs to a Mac or a PC for a fraction of the cost!
• Transports digital audio over standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware.
• Even if you already have audio output cards, you can use AudioPort to free up precious card slots in your computers.
• Works with many popular sequencers such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, and Nuendo.