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Topic: 1 Aria player for multiple instruments

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    1 Aria player for multiple instruments

    Greetings everyone,

    I would like to have multiple instruments in just 1 instance of the Aria player. I want to have just 1 Aria player and control all it's instruments from a separate track each. Somehow I couldn't load all the instruments I need in a single instance of the Aria, so what happens is I have to keep opening up an instance of the Aria player just so that I can load up a single instrument... And doesn't it take up alot of memory if we have multiple instances of the Aria?

    I'm using Logic express 9 on an Mac OSX, I would really appreciate if anyone could provide a solution here.


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    Re: 1 Aria player for multiple instruments

    Hi, I know the issue you're describing. But I don't think I can solve it for you, but it is doable.

    I had a similar problem when I was using Ableton Live before I switched to finale.

    I solved it in Ableton, it was just a bit tricky to figure out, and I can't remember the steps.

    I had for example 5 midi tracks, and each track was reading a new instance of the aria player which meant only one instrument in each player.

    I fixed it by playing with the input channels of the other tracks. Track one had the aria player only - and I assigned the input channels of the remaining tracks to the other channels of the aria player. I don't know the logical steps to perform this, but it should be in there if you play with the other track settings.
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    Re: 1 Aria player for multiple instruments

    Hi mate & thanks.

    yeah that seems to work quite a bit. the only strange thing is that if I want to play one of the tracks w/o the Aria player then I would have to put every other tracks on mute. putting one of the tracks in solo would somehow cause the main track w/ the Aria instance to also be put on mute.

    but anyway so long as we get to have something working then I'm cool here

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