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Topic: Composer seeking Projects

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    Composer seeking Projects

    Hello everyone,
    I am an experienced professional composer and musician and would like to work on interesting projects doing sound design and music composition. I have examples of video game trailers I have scored on my site: http://www.lou.permagrin.us/links2.html
    and my other compositions can be streamed from here: http://www.lou.permagrin.us/links1.html
    If your project is commercial-for-profit please consult me about rates. If it is for private non-commercial I would love to hear the pitch. Please listen to my work before contacting me to hear if my sound is right for you. Thanks!

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    Re: Composer seeking Projects

    Such a very amazing link!
    Thanks you for the post.

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    Re: Composer seeking Projects

    You got good taste and rhythm buddy. Keep up the good work. I might have some work for you.

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