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Topic: LASS sordinos are out

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    LASS sordinos are out


    i need to get this library!


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    Re: LASS sordinos are out

    Vimeo Plus?

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    Re: LASS sordinos are out

    HI Guys,

    We are going to probably "officially" announce LASS LS (Legato Sordino) soon. Even though it's already been on sale, we've been updating our site and that's why the "beta" was on the link above. Now we're confident that all our upgrade paths are being correctly calculated when users log in... so the updated web address is:


    There are also a lot of new demos (epic and emotional) and videos.



    Andrew K

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    Re: LASS sordinos are out

    Thanks, Andrew. I only recently discovered that LASS LS was available when I visited your forum for the first time in a few months. I expect you plan to send out an e-mail notice to registered LASS users about it (and the upcoming LASS update) at some point, but if not, it might be a good idea? Perhaps there are others like me who weren't aware of LS or may not see your message at this forum. Looking forward to using LS and the update to LASS. Cheers..................frank
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