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Topic: Turning off reverb on Steinway grand???

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    Turning off reverb on Steinway grand???

    Started working on a new tune last night, and noticed that I couldn't shut off the reverb.
    Turning off the various Space buttons, the Wet slider, etc, doesn't seem to make any difference.
    Any tips?
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    Re: Turning off reverb on Steinway grand???

    Hi Dan,
    the Steinway was recorded in a concert hall.
    Regardless of the microphone perspective you choose, there will always be some of the room's natural reverb in the samples. This is after all a Steinway Concert Grand Model D piano, typically NOT found in recording studios but concert halls instead. Ideally there would be samples without reverb, but that is not possible when the piano was recorded in it's normal environment. Your best choice to eliminate as much reverb as possible with the Garrtian Authorized Steinway is the "Under Lid" perspective.

    Garritan is now in the process of creating another Steinway beauty but this one was in a world class recording studio, I believe it is a 7 foot grand.


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