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Topic: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

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    Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    I finally finished the 4th movement of my second symphony in GPO. Not an easy task to get it mixed correctly and I am sure I will have to do the mix again, but I need to let it rest for a while to get my ears open for new sounds. Comments are always welcome!

    Movement 4: Allegro con Fuoco

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    Re: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    Hi André.
    The mix lacks of body down in the bass department, but the music is very nice.
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    Re: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    Great piece, with a lot of intricate passages.

    Really enjoyed the light wind passage at 1:30mins.
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    Re: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    Andre! - It's early in the morning here in Oregon as I write. No interesting email, so I went to the Forums I visit, including this one. Sipping coffee, not quite awake, I continued the search I've been doing this week for more music I'd like to respond to -

    I'm awake now! Headphones on, listening to your Symphony no. 2! - What a glorious morning it suddenly is, even though there's not much sun outside. Your music is making this morning a very special one - one full of energy and good will. Best morning I've had in some time. Aaaah this is great.

    I admire what you've done so much - You must have quite a sense of accomplishment, now that this is completed.

    And I just had to let you know how your elegant classical composition has given me such a great start to the day - Thank you!


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    Re: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    Hello again Andre';
    Wow, did I ever love this!! Second listening can do that! The writing is thoroughly seeped in Russian/Germanic Romantic style. The Winds were great and the whole piece from start to finish was full of mystery; evocative to a fare-thee-well and entertaining to my ears!
    You have made a huge progression in the results you are achieving, Congratulations!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Symphony no. 2 - 4th movement

    A great part!!! Please listen to some Divertimenti of Mozart to get the sound for rendering and add some more bass to it. At first make it at high volumes as you can(a bit overdone is good), then lower them to some acceptable level (don't forget that lower sounds travel longer when using reverbs).

    Where are the first three parts?

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