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Topic: Omni TR & MIDI Automation

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    Omni TR & MIDI Automation

    New to this forum. Trying to find the best place to post questions for Omnisphere.

    New to the plugin. Installed, registered and updated to the latest 1.5.5e. Having lots of fun but also discovering just a few limitations to the way I work.

    Ableton Live 8, XP, Core i7, 4GB Ram, Many controllers + keyboards.

    I have been trying to build a good control system to easily control Omnisphere and record automation. My way of working is to have all controls I would use to tweak a sound mapped to my control surfaces through Ableton and have the ability to just punch in at any time to record what I am doing with the foot switch.

    So far most of what I can do can be simply mapped to the host and all seems fine. The Omni TR app is pretty good and I also run touch-Able, touchOSC, Griid on the iPad (all work great). The issue I have is that if I use the Omni TR app to control Omnisphere, the automation is not sent out to Ableton.

    Example would be the master volume for a patch. I first set this to be "Host Controllable", map this to a control on my VST loader in Ableton and moving the fader in Omnisphere moves the mapped control in the host and records automation just fine. With Omni TR open the fader on the app also follows when moving the fader either in Omnisphere or Ableton. If I move the fader on the TR app though it does move it in Omnisphere but does not move it in Ableton and therefore does not record the automation. This is true for all controls through TR.

    Most of the common controls I would like to automate appear in the TR app and because Ableton does not have the ability to save a MIDI map with an instrument, only a whole project, this would be an ideal solution but it appears as though its geared more at live performance not studio unless its something with Ableton.

    Any ideas? I'd really love to use the app for tweaking but feel at this stage it will be useless if I cannot record the automation.

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    Re: Omni TR & MIDI Automation

    Have you enabled automation on the Omnisphere controls you want to automate? Sounds like you haven't.

    Or are you saying that you can record automation in Omnisphere with the mouse but not with Omni TR? When I enable automation on controls, Omni TR movements record automation just like the mouse...

    Enabling automation is also what allows you to configure those parameters in an Ableton device. You can save that by saving it as an instrument rack.

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    Re: Omni TR & MIDI Automation

    I knew I souuld have dot-pointed my steps. No one actually reads a post.

    Thanks for the reply but stated in my post, here are the steps I have done:

    - Loaded Omnisphere into a new track
    - Opened Omni TR on the iPad
    - RIGHT-CLICK on a control (part volume for instance) and select "enable host automation"
    - Click the Configure button for Omnisphere in Ableton and move control in Omnisphere
    - Controller is mapped and functions fine.

    If I move the controller with the mouse it moves in Ableton and is recorded in an automation track. If I map it to a control on one of my MIDI devices it moves fine and is recorded.

    If I move the control with the Omni TR the control moves in Omnisphere but does not in ableton and records nothing.

    From your post are you saying that you have it working and have tested? Or that it "should be working"?

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    Re: Omni TR & MIDI Automation

    I have cross checked this with Cubase and it seems Cubase works with the Omni TR, at least when I move the Omni, the control set as a quick control moves.

    No idea what is up with Ableton but would love to know if anyone has the same issues.

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