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Topic: Stylus RMX missing menus

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    Exclamation Stylus RMX missing menus

    recently i reinstalled windows 7. re-Installed STylus RMX and these menus like: 'breakbeats', 'club', 'epic energy' etc, are now gone, only these are left: 'groove elements', 'sound menus',

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    Re: Stylus RMX missing menus

    It appears your post kind of ended mid sentence.. Do you have a question?? Have you, by chance, contacted Spectrasonics support for assistance with a problem??

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    Re: Stylus RMX missing menus

    I thought I'd post a question in the forum somewhere before asking Spectrasonics.

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    Re: Stylus RMX missing menus

    So how many DVD's did you re-install?

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