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Topic: Instruments for Finale

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    Instruments for Finale

    Since purchasing Garritan Concert and Marching Band 2 I get the following error in Finale when using the instruments that come bundled with Finale (Such as strings or piano):

    Instruments for Finale
    Your copy of Garritan Instruments for Finale is not activated.
    Saving instruments from this bank is disabled.
    And, as it states, any instruments I have in that particular bank will not save (Full Aria player works fine).

    Anyone know how to fix this?


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    Re: Instruments for Finale

    As far as I know, you don't have to authorize the Garritan Instruments for Finale. They SHOULD work out of the box. This sounds like a question for MakeMusic support.

    Which version of Finale are you using? Concert and Marching Band 2 requires the ARIA 2 Player. If you are using and older version of Finale, then the Garritan Instruments for Finale require the original ARIA player and won't load (I don't think) into the ARIA 2 Player.


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    Re: Instruments for Finale

    Thanks for the reply. Everything is new enough it should work fine.

    Again, the problem is not with the purchased sounds, but with the Garritan sounds that came with Finale. They work, but they cannot be saved in their bank.


    If anyone has suggestions I'll take them.

    Finale 2010b.r1
    OS X 10.6.7
    2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Due
    4 GB RAM

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