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Topic: Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

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    Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

    Feedback please

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    Re: Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

    Thank you Michael A. Wiktor

    Could anyone please review my version of Scandinavia's oldest song "Dreamt a dream" from the 14th century?

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    Re: Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

    Hello, Philosopher

    I'm so frustrated. I have a brand new computer, everything's working great, but with one very annoying exception. I don't know what it is, but I can't play online videos like those at YouTube!--I get horrible bursts of static.

    It's not just your YT post, but any -they're not working for me, even though my audio interface is working perfectly well for playing MP3s, and for working in my music programs.

    Are you technically apt, and maybe have some ideas of what the problem could be?

    I'm trying to listen to as many posts as possible, and was looking forward to hearing your piece since the genre appeals to me. Perhaps you could post an audio-only file of it, an MP3, so people like me stuck without access to videos could hear it?


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    Re: Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

    Randy, I'm trying to remember but I had a problem with my office computer, many videos wouldn't work at all. Then is was suggested that I upgrade the windows media player, especially the codecs. After the upgrade it all worked fine, although I don't really use that machine for viewing videos. Make sure all your systems are the latest current versions
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    Re: Renaissance-style Trombone/Trumpet music

    Philosopher - please pardon my continuation of this off-topic adjunct to your thread:

    Thanks for the reply, Derek. You're right that all of my media stuff is up-to-date on this computer - But it's not my media player which isn't working. I can play MP3s, and I can even play embedded videos on news pages - it's You Tube vids that aren't working for me. I can't find any solutions yet.

    Philosopher - I hope you consider posting an MP3 so those of us You Tube challenged folks can hear your music.


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